BCAK is holding its Annual Wilton Cheese Fundraiser
Just in time for Christmas entertaining and gift-giving

Its time to order your Wilton cheese pieces and gift boxes – order information is given below.

Orders are due by Tues Nov 28th and can be picked up  on Thurs. Dec 7th after 3 pm at our office (110 – 650 Dalton Ave.).  Payment is due when you pick up your order – you can pay by cash, cheque or credit card.

For more information about Wilton cheese, visit the Wilton Cheese Factory website.

Cheese Pieces

Cheese pieces are priced per kilo.  The pieces vary slightly in weight, but are all  approximately 1/2 kilo (or about 1 pound for us older folks).

Because the weight varies, the price of each piece also varies and we cannot determine the exact price of orders for bulk cheese until the cheese is delivered.  For this reason we cannot accept payment in advance.

Gift Boxes

Gift Box prices do not vary and are listed on the price sheet:

  • small –  1 250 gm piece each of Mild, Medium (C) Old (W) – total 750 gm;
  • medium – 1  500 gm piece each of Marble, Medium (C) and Old (W) –  total 1.5 kg;
  • large – 1 250 gm piece each of Mild, Onion and Garlic, Mozzarella, plus 1 500 gm piece each of Marble, Medium (C), and Old (W) (500 g each) –  total 2.25 kg

Two Ways To Order

  1. Order online using the form below, or
  2. Download a hard copy of the form and submit order to Joan Cristoveanu by 28 November by:
    1. phone  –   613-546-6315; or
    2. email –     joan_c_@hotmail.com
      Make sure you include your phone number on your order form as someone will let you know the total price owing the afternoon of the pickup date.
      Download File