Raised Local – Stays Local

BCAK is supported by community donations and memberships – all of our funding is raised and used in Kingston and the Southeast Cancer Region. Your membership fee and donations enable us to provide our programs and services to local residents and to support local breast cancer research that is directly relevant to local breast cancer survivors and does not receive any government funding.

When giving money to an organization, have you ever thought about who is raising the money, who they represent and who will benefit from your donation? We realize that many groups raise funds for “breast cancer”. When you are deciding which organization to support, you might want to consider:

  • Where the money goes
  • What it is used for
  • Who benefits
  • How it is spent – what portion is actually used to support the people it is meant to help

At BCAK, ALL the funds we raise are used in our local area – Kingston and the Southeast Ontario Cancer Region to provide:

  • Assistance programs and services to local breast cancer patients, survivors and their families
  • Education about breast cancer to all residents in our region
  • Support for local research projects that directly benefit persons affected by breast cancer
  • Programs for survivors

BCAK is volunteer-led and volunteer-driven – we have one, part-time paid employee and we strive to keep our operating costs at a minimum so that more of our funds can be used to directly support our programs and services.  Please give generously to help us continue to help others.

Help Us Help Others

You can help us help others in our local area by becoming a member or donating to Breast Cancer Action Kingston. You will be making a difference by helping us provide education, support and much-needed resources to people with breast cancer and their families in Kingston and the neighbouring Southeast Ontario Cancer region.

General Donation

Donate online below through Canada Helps, using either a credit card or your PayPal account. All information is kept strictly confidential.

Alternatively you can donate by cash, cheque or credit card at our office:
110 – 650 Dalton Ave. Kingston ON

Donations in Memoriam

If you have lost a family member or friend, you can honour your loved one by donating In Memoriam to BCAK. You can obtain In Memoriam cards at our office or from the funeral home or donate from our website using our Online In Memoriam Donation Form

All In Memoriam donations are acknowledged by us to survivors and in our TODAY Newsletter. See our In Memoriam Program page for more information about this program.


One way to donate to BCAK is to name us as a beneficiary in your will. If you are considering a bequest, please call our office at 613-531-7912 and leave a message for our treasurer.

Donations In Kind

Women who have breast cancer often acquire books and other reference materials, as well as special clothing, prostheses and other equipment to help them deal with their illness. Families and friends who have lost loved ones to breast cancer may wish to consider donating these items in kind to Breast Cancer Action Kingston as ongoing, active and useful gifts to help others still fighting their battle with cancer. Because we are a registered charitable organization, BCAK is able to issue tax receipts upon request for these gifts.

Donate Online