Yoga and Breast Cancer Management

Women with cancer undergo extreme physical, mental and emotional stress and this stress weakens the immune system. In an effort to reduce the toll this takes on their health, yoga is an effective method to reduce stress by using a series of postures and controlled breathing exercises.

Benefits of yoga for breast cancer patients

  • Yoga, without a doubt, is helpful to patients coping with breast cancer, particularly in assisting with the side effects from cancer treatment. It enables them to handle the lingering unwanted effects of surgical procedures, chemotherapy and radiation.
  • After doing yoga exercise, the patients have more energy
  • Less daytime sleepiness
  • Improved physical functioning
  • Superior overall quality of life.
  • The women feel more relaxed and the breathing exercises seem to be especially helpful for dealing with nausea.

The women practicing yoga report a significant positive correlation between physical and psychological distress and fatigue, nausea and vomiting, pain, insomnia, appetite loss, and constipation.

Yoga for patients: The use of yoga for breast cancer is not an alternative treatment or solution to cancer, but it is an effective complimentary therapy and rehabilitative treatment. A short program of yoga can offer tremendous benefits.

Yoga lessons have been shown to enhance the sense of well-being of breast cancer patients.

“I find Jackie’s BCAK yoga class fun, relaxing and my body enjoys that “feel good” sensation for days after a class. For me, exercise has always meant physical exertion to my limit. Yoga forces me to slow down and concentrate on “lubricating” and stretching those joints, muscles and ‘innards’ that I neglect too often. Yoga gives me the energy and strength I need to enjoy more aerobic activity.”  WK

“We all know that a regular yoga practice is good for our minds and our bodies, and my yoga instructor, Jackie Adams, brings out the best in me whenever I attend one of her yoga classes. She has a very gentle teaching method that makes me want to push myself a little further in order to reap the benefits to mind and body of any particular yogic posture. Jackie has an incredible understanding of each individual’s strengths and limitations, gently offering encouragement to challenge each of her students in a gentle, caring manner. I very much look forward to each session with Jackie in anticipation of knowing that at the end of the class, I will feel refreshed and renewed. Thank you Jackie!”  WC

This article was submitted by Jackie Adams B. A., B. Ed. \ Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor