Chestmates Dragon Boat Team

Chestmates is the only Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat team in the catchment serviced by the Southeastern Regional Cancer Centre. To be a member of Chestmates, a paddler must have a diagnosis of breast cancer. Each paddler must have medical clearance to paddle from their physician, especially if newly diagnosed and/or just having completed their course of treatment. We strongly recommend that each paddler have a good level of fitness; if not, then we recommend that the paddler begin a fitness program through BCAK, because dragon boating is a physical sport. Chestmates provides the coaching, and equipment you need to paddle. The team connection is amazing – we paddle to bring hope and awareness to others with the diagnosis of breast cancer. Our team, paddles out of Collins Bay Marina, twice a week from 6 to 7 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays between May and September. Our members ages have ranged from 20+ to 80+, and we still have original paddlers from 2003 paddling in our dragon boat in 2016!