Local Breast Cancer Research

BCAK is committed to promoting and providing funds for research into the cause, control and cure of breast cancer

  • 1/3 of funds raised by the Walk for Awareness is awarded to local researchers via a research grant process channeled through UHKF
  • BCAK has contributed over $300,000 to local research from the Walk since the first one in 1994

Research Grant to UHKF

Breast Cancer Action Kingston continues to bring awareness about breast cancer and the services we have available to the community by advertising in local media and by attending local events which feature women’s health with our displays and pink merchandise or our breast cancer presentations to health personnel and to the general public. I am very pleased to let you know that BCAK entered into a new five-year commitment through the University Hospitals Kingston Foundation to contribute a total of $75,000 over 5 years in the area of patient care. This is broken down into $10,000 a year from our Walk revenue to local breast cancer research initiatives and $5,000 per year to create and maintain a new website for the Breast Assessment Program at Hotel Dieu Hospital. The latter will greatly enhance patient access to information. The research grant process will still be adjudicated by Dr. Roger Deeley and his committee at Kingston General Hospital.

Sue Davies, Research Liaison

Pathology and Molecular Medicine

Pathology and Molecular Medicine, Dr. Sandip K. SenGupta, presentation at 2013 AGM

How has BCAK Supported Our Research?

  • 2009: construction of “training” 63-tumours TMAs ($14,700)
  • 2011: equipment grant: digital camera for high resolution microscopy imaging of breast tumour microarrays + imaging software ($17,284)
  • 2012: construction of 435-tumours TMAs ($20,050)
  • 2013: construction of special breast stroma TMA tumour bank for proteomic & genomic profiling ($10,000)
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CanIMPACT – A National Research Project

A new national research project, called The CanIMPACT, is looking to find ways to improve the coordination and continuity of care between family physician care and specialist care for cancer patients and survivors. The CanIMPACT Research Team is currently looking for Canadian breast cancer survivors to participate in their study looking at ways to improve the coordination of care for cancer patients throughout the cancer journey. If you are 19 years of age or older and between 1-4 years post-diagnosis of breast cancer, you may be eligible to participate in a telephone interview. For more information, contact Julie (Research Coordinator)

  • Phone: 1-866-323-1833 (toll-free)
  • Twitter: @CanIMPACT_Study
  • Facebook Page: CanIMPACT Study

Principal Investigator: Dr. Eva Grunfeld, University of Toronto, Dept. of Family and Community Medicine This study has been reviewed by the Horizon Health Network Research Ethics Board (File #2013-1930) and the University of Toronto Research Ethics Board (File # 30063)

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This is a study that aims to examine changes in post-illness identities as a predictor of well-being among young women with breast cancer. Specifically, two key components of identity that have been found to predict well-being among individuals with illness will be measured. These two components are as follows: a) the integration of an illness experience into an identity, and b) the integration of non-traditional gender role expectations into one’s identity. It is likely that women experience their identity and a way of living in their body differently after their breast cancer experience.

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Research Articles

  • Pathology and Molecular Medicine, Dr. Sandip K. SenGupta, presentation at 2013 AGM DOWNLOAD PDF
  • How to Know When Research is Trustworthy DOWNLOAD PDF
  • Internal Radiotherapy and Partial vs Whole Breast Radiation DOWNLOAD PDF
  • The Efficacy of Lumpectomy vs Mastectomy Surgeries DOWNLOAD PDF
  • The Role of Estrogen in Breast Cancer Risk DOWNLOAD PDF

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