How To Make A Compression Sleeve Slider

How to Make a Slider for Donning a Compression Sleeve

By Leda Raptis

Compression therapy is central to lymphedema management at present.  However, putting a compression garment on can be difficult. This may lead to poor adherence to treatment, which is likely to negate any benefit achieved via months of laborious bandaging. A solution to this difficulty is a slider.

A slider is a tube made out of slippery cloth such as nylon.  It goes on your arm first, followed by the compression garment, and is then removed.

Sliders are commercially available and can be purchased online at places such as  Lymphedema Products or from your local fitter.  But these sliders can be expensive, and you usually need more than one. I have 5, “one in each pocket”.  I made them myself.  Here are some simple instructions that you can download for making an arm slider.


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