Donations: BCAK is 100% community funded

Your donations enable us to provide our programs and services to the community and to support local breast cancer research. BCAK is supported by community donations and memberships and does not receive any government funding. Please consider becoming a member or giving a financial donation to Breast Cancer Action Kingston. You will be making a difference by helping us offer education, support and much needed resources to people with breast cancer and their families. When giving money to an organization, you should always be aware of who they are and what they represent. There are many groups raising funds for “breast cancer”. But where does that money go and what is it used for? Does it stay in the community? Does most of the money go towards ‘administration’? At BCAK, we have one, part-time paid employee. We are volunteer-driven. Donations help fund the programs and services for women, men and families, in the greater Kingston communities, who are living with breast cancer, right now. In addition, BACK supports local breast cancer research. Please give generously to help us to continue our valued programs.

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Donations in Memoriam

Women who have breast cancer often acquire books and other reference materials, and also special clothing, prostheses and other equipment to help them deal with their disease. It has been suggested that families and friends who have lost loved ones to breast cancer might be willing to donate in kind to Breast Cancer Action Kingston as an ongoing, active and useful gift which will help others afflicted in this way. As Breast Cancer Action Kingston is a registered charitable organisation, donors could receive a tax receipt for their gift. BCAK has also been approached by a number of generous friends who are interested in naming BCAK as a beneficiary in their will. If you are considering a donation or bequest, please call BCAK at 613.531.7912 and leave a message for the treasurer.