Cook For Your Life is an organization founded by cancer survivor, Ann Ogden.  CFYL’s mission is to teach healthy cooking to people touched by cancer.  It turns nutrition guidelines into practical, easy recipes that are designed specifically for the different stages of treatment, and to promote healthy survivorship.  CFYL is not about food as medicine, nor food to cure. It’s about:

  • the simple, good food that nourishes and comforts us during treatment
  • the foods cancer patients crave.

The basic tenet behind CFYL and the reason for its existence is the belief that good food gives our bodies the strength we need to get through hard days, the courage to stay healthy when treatment is over, and comfort when our soul needs it most.  In February 2012 CFYL launched a subscription-free website aimed at bringing its cooking tips to a wider audience, and to maintain support closer to home.

To learn more about CFYL, watch cooking videos and have access to over 1,000 recipes for all cancer treatment stages, visit the Cook For Your Life website.

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